Babric example mod for BTA
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Example Mod

Template for making Babric mods for BTA!

Note: DO NOT fork this repository unless you want to contribute!


  • JDK for Java 17 (Eclipse Temurin recommended)
  • Intellij IDEA (Scroll down for the free community edition, if using linux DO NOT use the flatpak distribution)
  • Minecraft Development plugin (Optional, but highly recommended)

Setup instructions

  1. Click the Use this template button on this repo's page above (Will only appear if logged in). Choose Create a new repository, you will be redirected to a new page. Enter your repo's name and description, and hit Create repository.
    To get your project, open IntelliJ IDEA and click Get from VCS. Select Repository URL and enter your repo's url

  2. After the project has finished importing, close it and open it again.
    If that does not work, open the right sidebar with Gradle on it, open Tasks > fabric and run ideaSyncTask.

  3. Create a new run configuration by going in Run > Edit Configurations.
    Then click on the plus icon and select Gradle. In the Tasks and Arguments field enter build.
    Running it will build your finished jar files and put them in build/libs/.

  4. Lastly, open File > Settings and head to Build, Execution, Development > Build Tools > Gradle.
    Make sure Build and run using and Run tests using is set to Gradle.

  5. Done! Now, all that's left is to change every mention of examplemod and turniplabs to your own mod id and mod group, respectively. Happy modding!


  1. If you haven't already you should join the BTA modding discord!
  2. You can set your username when launching the client run configuration by setting --username <username> in your program arguments.
  3. When launching the server run configuration you may want to remove the nogui program argument in order to see the regular server GUI.
  4. In Intellij you can double press shift or press ctrl+N to search class files, change the search from the default Project Files to All Places you can easily explore the classes for you dependencies and even BTA itself.
  5. In Intellij if ctrl+left click on a field or method you can quickly get information on when and where that field or method is assign or used.