97 Commits (1.17)

Author SHA1 Message Date
modmuss50 9df9227ee7 Update fabric API 10 months ago
modmuss50 27c0acc531 Update Gradle, Loom, Yarn, Fabric 10 months ago
modmuss50 d27b836cae Update Minecraft and Gradle. 11 months ago
jackassmc b662ed74bf
Update Fabric versions link (#111) 1 year ago
Qwinci 28e2282fc9
Update gradle.properties (#110) 1 year ago
modmuss50 fda2a1cf1e 1.17 stable 1 year ago
modmuss50 b51afe9fc0 1.17-pre1 1 year ago
modmuss50 50f0be767c Update to 21w19a and Java 16 1 year ago
David Bailey 29c522536f
Update dependencies (#92) 1 year ago
Geolykt bdfab7a0cf
Unify inconsitent identation in build.gradle (#90) 1 year ago
modmuss50 4cccd73df9 Update loom, gradle, yarn, loader and api. 1 year ago
YTG123 8299566cf7
Improve description of repositories blocks (#81) 1 year ago
modmuss50 171c0a228a Remove jcenter from settings.gradle as jcenter is shutting down. 1 year ago
modmuss50 7971a5fcfd Update default maven group 1 year ago
modmuss50 16101f0bff Update minecraft, gradle, loader and api. 1 year ago
modmuss50 ad0752fe78 Fix some IDE's (vsc) not detecting the correct java version to compile for. 2 years ago
modmuss50 a126c7916a 1.16.4 2 years ago
zml 90cb78d412
Modernize Gradle buildscript (#71) 2 years ago
Ned Loynd 54035654b7
Simply processResources logic & make it compatible with future versions of Gradle (#69) 2 years ago
modmuss50 4237368e64 Update api, loader, loom, gradle 2 years ago
modmuss50 46dc3e2dab 1.16.3 2 years ago
modmuss50 f9b7d47979 1.16.2 2 years ago
modmuss50 6efb5c4830 1.16.1 2 years ago
modmuss50 829b170190 1.16 2 years ago
modmuss50 167b058407 Update Gradle and dependencies 2 years ago
modmuss50 8d952c922d Update Loom 2 years ago
modmuss50 19fa3a76bc Update loom, gradle and all other deps 2 years ago
modmuss50 79266b6c23
Update README.md 2 years ago
Caroline Joy Bell 01ae0cd3ab
Add Eclipse *.launch files to the gitignore (#37) 2 years ago
modmuss50 0028e328c8 Update gradle, update deps, modCompile -> modImplementation 2 years ago
i509VCB b38f2b0f52
Add minVersion to template mixin config (#41) 2 years ago
modmuss50 18fd282e3e 1.15.2 2 years ago
modmuss50 52da86e9e3 1.15.1 3 years ago
modmuss50 c3daefbee9 Increase required loader version 3 years ago
modmuss50 97a962625c 1.15 3 years ago
Brad Erickson 705d4da55b Update yarn, loader and api (#31) 3 years ago
modmuss50 727a449d61 Update yarn, loader and api 3 years ago
modmuss50 01bf2f5a56 Update gradle to 5.5.1 3 years ago
modmuss50 47b5686c4f Update loom + dependencies 3 years ago
MrIbby 706e20caf6 Fix #18 (#19) 3 years ago
modmuss50 0022be8092 1.14.4 3 years ago
Modmuss50 2b8fe8c5b3
Update API version to fix a bug with crashes. 3 years ago
modmuss50 1962995275 1.14.3 3 years ago
asie 9c04d84e90 version updates 3 years ago
Alexander 97c2c8c2f1 Update gradle.properties (#15) 3 years ago
asie 78fb3e4288 fix requires -> depends in mod JSON 3 years ago
modmuss50 2e1903f7d2 Update to 1.14.2 3 years ago
Modmuss50 004f6720ab
Merge pull request #14 from swordglowsblue/patch-1 3 years ago
Connor Scialdone e85c762e21
Update Yarn mappings to 1.14.1+build.5 3 years ago
modmuss50 365f76fbd3 Update to 1.14.1 and Fabric API 0.3.0 3 years ago