A compiler, and various programs, for redpower
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This is obsolete and doesn't make any sense in this day and age. Keeping it here as a memoir.


... is a cc65 C compiler fitted to target redpower's rpc8e computer in Minecraft.

Mandatory screenshot


The compiler binaries for OS X 10.7 are in the bin/ directory but You will probably need to compile the cc65 itself for your system.

  1. Grab CC65 V2.13.3 for your system here: ftp://ftp.musoftware.de/pub/uz/cc65/
  2. Compile the compiler with the usual ./configure && make stuff
  3. Link or copy the compiler binaries to the bin/ folder of this project
  4. Done


To compile example test_rb.c use:

make test

in the project's main directory.

You should get test_rb.img file that is an usable floppy image for rpc8e (both ingame or emulated). Read the Makefiles to learn more.

For now there is no good way to use the compiler for other projects than simple C programs... as always: pull requests are welcome.


  • Compiles C
  • Has some sort of "hardware drivers" (check include/)


  • Including stuff like stdlib.h or string.h into the distribution
  • Finding a nice way to package this toy and make it easier to use
  • Custom libraries for stuff like networking, console etc.
  • Ideas? Fork & pull & have fun


nooga is just the guy who put this stuff together for rpc8e.

The CC65 compiler itself is a great work by Ullrich von Bassewitz and CC65 developers.

Also, many thanks to Jarek Pelczar and folks at #redpower.


You can find me (nooga) on #redpower at espernet IRC.